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The Players: Sarah Palin aide Rebecca Mansour; Slate blogger Dave Weigel. Mansour expressed frustration via Twitter last night that the major news networks weren't paying enough attention to her boss.

Opening Serve: Weigel was one of the first to point out Mansour's late night bid for more Palin coverage. After displaying Mansours tweets at MSNBC, the Washington Post, and CNN, Weigel noted, "For what it's worth, I mentioned Palin's speech yesterday and talked about it on...drum roll...MSNBC. But is it a mystery or a sign of bias when an author and former vice presidential candidate gives a speech at a rally and it doesn't get national news coverage? Mansour, Nolte et al know that conservatives have all the access they want to Palin's speech, through live-streaming and other videos. It doesn't matter whether the media covers it."

Return Volley: Mansour, clearly unimpressed with the attention paid her by Weigel, tweeted this afternoon, "@daveweigel  you really have zero sense of humor." Weigel, in an attempt to be funny, responded, "Not true. I type #fail a lot. That's comedy gold." But, Mansour did not find this funny, adding" "just to be clear: I was't demanding media attention, I was mocking the media about which Palin stories they choose to cover," and insisting that "my tweets are my own, and it's ridiculous to waste five minutes on a news story about a lark last night."

What They Say the Fight's About: Mansour, initially frustrated about the way major news sources cover Palin, is now angry at Weigel for taking her words out of context and making the story about her, when her point was to focus on the deficiencies of the mainstream media.

What the Fight's Really About: What, or who, exactly, is the"mainstream media" and what makes one potential candidate more worthy of coverage than another? The real point of this fight can be spotted in its periphery, in the additional spats that have branched off of it. After noting that "Somebody needs to teach @RAMansour how to grovel. You catch more flies with honey than cyanide-laced arsenic,"  The Atlantic's Derek Thompson, caught the attention of Big Hollywood Editor and Mansour's partner in crime Jim Nolte, who tweeted: "Hi Atlantic's @DKThomp ThankU 4 admitting one must 'grovel' to get fair MSM coverage. We agree on something." After Thompson prodded, "What does MSM mean to you?" Nolte avoided answering the question with, "Did you really just ask, 'what does MSM mean to you?'" And, "Since we're getting big & grand, let me ask you something first. Why is there air?" And finally stated that "To make long story short MSM finds Tweets about their non-coverage of Palin speech bigger news than, uhm, Palin's speech. #AnyQuestions."

Who's Winning Now: This one may be a draw. Though Weigel hasn't said much to defend himself, Mansour's (and Nolte's) tweets--though greater in volume--are hardly proving a point. But look! The two have found common ground:

Uh, agreed RT @RAMansour How ridiculous. RT @RuBegonia Media Matters weighs in on @Daveweigel & @RAMansour tweet-àtweet than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

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