Senator Ensign's Replacement

John Ensign, the Republican Senator from Nevada, is resigning, after the exposure of a sex scandal that makes Newt Gingrich's dalliances look wholesome and kind of Sound of Music-y. The Republican governor of Nevada, Gov. Some-Guy-I-Never-Heard-Of-Which-Doesn't-Mean-Much, seems to be appointing Rep. Dean Heller to take Ensign's place, which of course, for Goldblog, immediately raised the question: Heller? Could this be the 13th, or possibly 14th, or maybe 15th, Jewish senator (I automatically count Orrin Hatch as one of the tribe)? So I engaged in what is known in journalism as "web-based research" and came up, via Wikipedia, with this possibly-true fact: "Heller is the son of famed stock car driver Jack "Blackjack" Heller."

So, in other words, no.