Poll: Only 43% Say Trump Was 'Definitely' Born in the U.S.

Just 43 percent of poll respondents say Donald Trump was definitely born in the U.S., according to a USA Today poll:

For what it's worth, not everyone is convinced Trump was born in the USA either: 43% say he definitely was born here, and 20% say he probably was; 7% say he definitely or probably was born in another country. Nearly three in 10 say they don't know enough to say.

The poll of 1,013 adults, taken Wednesday to Saturday, has a margin of error of +/-4 percentage points.

Maybe birtherism is an equal-opportunity phenomenon of broad empirical skepticism and poll questions designed to put people on the spot. After all, I haven't read much about Donald Trump's birthplace. If you asked me, I'd probably say, "Who knows?"

Then again, Pew Research Center studies have consistently shown low familiarity with news topics among the American public. Coincidentally, just 43 percent knew last month that John Boehner is speaker of the House.

Drop-down image credit: AP