Picture of the Day: Rick Scott in a Moment of Elation

Rick Scott.jpg

Every once in a while, a camera catches someone at just the right time*. This is one of those times.

The Buzz, Florida's premiere political blog over at the St. Petersburg Times, ran this photo of Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) in an item declaring Scott the "loser of the week" in Florida politics. Scott's approval ratings have tanked since he won office in November: A Quinnipiac University poll last week showed 48 percent of respondents disapproving of Scott and only 35 percent approving. A solid majority said his budget proposals were unfair.

Scott isn't the only newly elected governor with approval problems. Bloomberg reports that Republicans and Democrats alike are finding it difficult to stay popular in the governor's mansion.

Read the original post at The Buzz.

*Somewhere, there exists a photo of me in a Mexican airport, one eye wide open and the other inexplicably shut, looking like I've been possessed by demons. It happens.