Picture of the Day: GOP Marshmallow Gun


A note to all Republicans: If a debate over taxes or abortion gets too intense, now you can simply pelt your liberal friends with marshmallows!

The "Republican Filiblaster Marshmallow Shooter," sold on Amazon by the Marshmallow Fun Company, is safe for ages six and up. The company does not appear to sell a Democratic version.*

The next time Congress reaches a stalemate over significant legislation, let's all hope it ends in a marshmallow fight.

*Correction: The company does make a Democratic version. Initial perusal of Marshmallow Fun Company products on Amazon yielded no Democratic results, yet here it is. A representative of the marshmallow-related entertainment manufacturer contacted me to set the record straight. Let the bipartisan marshmallow fighting commence.

"Mr. Speaker, I rise to launch hilarious ballistic marshmallows at the gentleman from New York..."