Palin's Media Coverage Down 40 Percentage Points Since November

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According to the New York Times' resident statistician Nate Silver, "Sarah Palin's share of media coverage among GOP 2012 candidates has slipped from 51 percent in November to 11 percent this month." Using, Silver has tracked all media mentions of each Republican candidate mentioned in a poll since November--23 in total. "During the month of November 2010, Ms. Palin’s name retrieved 777 hits according to this technique. That represented just over half of the 1,533 citations for all 23 candidates combined," he explains at his Five Thirty Eight blog. "So far this month, however, Ms. Palin has accounted for just 124 hits out of 1,090 total, or roughly 11 percent. Instead, her place has been taken by Mr. Trump, who has accounted for about 40 percent of the coverage."

Perhaps Rebecca Mansour's late-night Twitter rant about the media ignoring Palin had some merit after all.

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