Palin Aide Doesn't Think Palin Is Getting Enough Attention

A surprising complaint from someone whose boss hates the "lamestream media"

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For the last two and half years, when Palin says anything, it's been news. Journalists have been FOIAing official records, combing through her Facebook wall with a fine-toothed comb, nabbing every sentence she's uttered as Fox News contributor, analyzing her PAC campaign videos nearly frame-by-frame and even becoming her next-door neighbor.

So it's surprising to see her communications aide/inner circle confidant complain that the former vice presidential candidate isn't getting enough attention in the mainstream media. Earlier today David Weigel noted that Palin aide Rebecca Mansour had been tweeting at major news outlets wondering why they weren't breathlessly covering the Republican's Madison, Wisc., Tea Party speech this past weekend.

"Hi @ I know no one watches you, but how come you didn't really cover @'s Madison speech? What gives?," she tweeted. She later directed the same Twitter query toward The Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and The Huffington Post.

What's odd about this victimization stance is that there was plentiful media coverage for the speech. ABC News, Reuters, and the Associated Press (on The Washington Post and CBS News websites) had news reports of the event. TV footage was shown on CNN and Fox News. David Weigel even mentioned that he discussed the event while appearing on MSNBC.

So what's Mansour really complaining about? Perhaps she's frustrated that Palin's speech didn't exactly reignite a "national conversation" about the collective bargaining rights of public employee unions. Maybe that's because Palin simply delivered a stump speech. In her address, embedded below, she appears to echo the same pro-Gov. Walker bromides that conservatives have been uttering since the height of the budget fight:

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