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The Obamas' tax returns have been posted on the White House website, and guess what? He's rich. Obama had an adjusted gross income of $1.7 million, mostly from book sales. It's actually a drop from his income in 2009, Reuters points out. But poor Joe Biden. His family's taxes were posted online with the president's, and though he's definitely not a poor man--he and Jill Biden made $380,000 in 2010--it's hard not to look smallish next to Obama.

Perhaps that's more true seeing that the Obamas donated $245,000 to charity last year, while the Bidens donated $5,350. The vice president's family gave a lot of stuff to Goodwill. Meanwhile, the Obamas donated to 33 charities, the biggest recipient being Fisher House, which helps find housing for veterans and their families while they're being treated at military hospitals.

The president's family paid about $500,000 total in state and federal taxes. The Bidens paid about $100,000 total.

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