Obama 2012 Buys Ads on the Totally-Not-Lefty Huffington Post

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President Obama announced his campaign for reelection Monday, kicking things off with a video and big ad buy across the liberal side of the internet. Henry Copeland writes that the Obama campaign has bought the first 2012 BlogAds, which will appear on sites like BlueVirginia, an explicitly liberal site. But where else has the campaign made an ad buy? At the supposedly non-lefty Huffington Post.

This is interesting because last week, in a widely-discussed, fairly hostile interview with The New York Times' Magazine's Andrew Goldman, Huffington rather surprisingly insisted that her site is not of the liberal persuasion:

You’ve been saying recently that The Huffington Post is not a lefty publication?
Actually I’ve been saying that for three years. The tag line that we’ve used a lot is “Beyond left and right.”

Three years ago was 2008. I looked at The Huffington Post a great deal during the election. It felt like the Internet version of Keith Olbermann’s show, and if that’s not lefty...
Why don’t you be more specific? What were the messages that you considered lefty?

It’s as if you’re trying to tell me that Smurfs aren’t blue.
I’m just telling you that it is very clear that we have progressive views, but to call everything we’re doing lefty — it misses the whole point that American policy needs to be redefined beyond left and right. It’s a completely obsolete view of politics.

Still, I’m amazed you’re trying to tell me that The Huffington Post wasn’t started as a lefty blog?
I’m not trying to tell you anything. I’m telling you things. I’m not trying, O.K.?

Compare that to these screenshots we grabbed earlier today. Huffington may not think her publication qualifies as lefty, but we certainly haven't noticed these ads over at The Daily Caller (they are, on the other hand, featured on MSNBC):


In a post about Obama's 2012 launch video, the Huffington Post helpfully notes that by filing papers with the Federal Election Commission, Obama can officially begin accepting campaign contributions. And likewise, presumably, HuffPo can begin raking in ad revenue.

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