Meet the New DNC Chair: Debbie Wasserman Schultz

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Florida Congresswoman and ubiquitious Democratic talking points deliverer Debbie Wasserman Schultz will be the new chair of Democratic National Committee, replacing Tim Kaine as he leaves the post to campaign for Senate in Virginia. President Obama picked Schultz for her fundraising and talking head skills, Politico's Mike Allen reports. According to First Read, Wasseman Schultz will keep her House seat.

Curiously, just a few months ago, Politico's Richard E. Cohen reported that Wasserman Schultz's career had "hit a rut," even though she'd once been seen as the "next female speaker after Nancy Pelosi." The ambitious congresswoman didn't get the top job on the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and nearly lost her seat on the Appropriations Committee. Cohen said Wasserman Schultz was "collateral damage" as Democrats worked to keep top party leaders in place after losing the House majority. But she also "gained a reputation as a media-savvy national political figure who has been independent of Democratic leadership--perhaps too independent for a cadre that rewards followers and looks down on political freelancing."

In December, longtime friend Rep. Ron Klein said of Wasserman Schultz, “She would have liked to have been appointed to lead the DCCC... But what matters is how she goes forward. Some people say that she will be better on the outside.” Apparently Obama agreed.

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