Joe Biden May Have Nodded Off During Obama's Debt Speech

ABC News caught the vice president (and maybe a lady behind him) on tape

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Today, President Obama countered GOP deficit reduction proposals by offering to slash $4 trillion over the next twelve years in a heavily-hyped speech. And, naturally, his right hand man, the Vice President, goes and changes the narrative of the day from "who has a better vision for America's fiscal future" to the easier to digest headline of "Hey, look, Biden is sleeping while the president drones about an almost incomprehensible amount of money."

Yep, Biden sure looks like he was asleep. Here's the ABC news video, screenshot above, of the Vice President nodding off for a solid 30 seconds. As the network noted, the woman behind him looks a little bit drowsy too:

Biden would not be the first member of the Obama Administration to nod off while their boss talked. In 2009, his then chief economics advisor was snapped by a Getty Images photographer apparently napping during a meeting about the economic crisis.

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