Iowa's GOP Not Too Keen on Trump, Prefers Mike Huckabee

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Look: a presidential poll that Donald Trump isn't inexplicably winning. In Iowa, Public Policy Polling has found that the state's devoted caucus-goers are still quite attached to a certain Evangelical pastor.

Yep, they prefer Mike Huckabee by an eleven point margin over the second place candidate which, just like in 2008, would be Mitt Romney.

Iowans don't like The Donald as much, putting him in third. "He has only a narrowly positive favorability rating with 41% of voters saying they like him to 40% who don't. That 40% unfavorable number is 11 points higher than the next most unpopular of the GOP contenders, Sarah Palin," PPP's polling blog wrote. (Notice how the yardstick for unfavorability has seemingly shifted to "degrees away from Palin"--it's possible that reflects PPP's liberal origins, but it's still a striking sentence.)

Trump, oddly enough, is even losing among self-proclaimed birthers--his bona fide base--in that state. "Trump isn't even doing all that well with those folks, getting 19% to 25% for Huckabee," reported PPP. We're sure there must be some explanation for this. And, since Trump seemingly responds to every single scrap of news written about him, we're awaiting his blustery response.

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