Everyone Has Advice for Donald Trump

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Donald Trump is a perfect match of two of America's favorite pastimes: politics and celebtainment. As such, he's become the easiest way for a reporter to eek out a newsworthy quote from anyone with an identifiable name. Last week Meghan McCain, Jerry Seinfeld, and Marco Rubio offered their assessments of Donald. And the latest to speak their mind about the celebrity candidate include a grudging John McCain, a dismissive Michael Bloomberg, a chiding Robert DeNiro and, of course, Charlie Sheen. So Donald, we know you're reading, here's the advice these notables gave you:



   John McCain                Charlie Sheen             Michael Bloomberg           Robert DeNiro


  • McCain: What he said: "I think that Mr. Trump is having the time of his life. I congratulate him for getting the attention that he's getting." What he meant: He's making a fool of himself, and it's great to watch.
  • Sheen: What he said (loosely paraphrased):  You shouldn't vote for him because Donald gave me platinum cufflinks that he said we're worth $100,000. I had them appraised and they we're "f'n tin" worth about $60. What he meant: Your guess is as good as ours, although it does fit in with the narrative of Trump exaggerating his worth.
  • Bloomberg: What he said - "The President was born here. I'm a friend of Donald Trump's, he's a New York icon, but I think the Republicans are making a terrible mistake in making [birther-ism] a big issue. We have immigration, we have the deficit, we have the economy. Those are the things the public cares about." What he meant: It's time to end the circus, Donald.
  • DeNiro: What he said - "I won't mention names, but certain people in the news the last couple weeks, just, what are they doing?....It's crazy. They're making statements about people that they don't even back up. Go get the facts before you start saying things about people." What he meant: Just Google, already, Donald.

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