Birthers Embrace Trump as Their Standard Bearer

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Donald Trump will never be elected president. But Trump is certain to get lots of press--especially since he's figured out how to troll. The reality star's full embrace of birtherism--the persistent belief by some on the fringe right that President Obama was not born in America--is thrilling birthers, who are finally getting some mainstream press years after Obama released his birth certificate. The Village Voice's Roy Edroso waded into the dark recesses of the internet where the birther community huddles like the Rebel Alliance plotting the destruction of the foreign-born presidential death star.

A sampling of birther enthusiasm:

  • Great Poll Numbers! a post notes on the site of Orly Taitz, Queen of All Birthers. The site points to "wonderful" poll results from the conservative Newsmax that 93 percent of respondents think Trump is right to question Obama's citizenship. "All the other presidential candidates, including Obama-puppets of oligarchs, puppets of the establishment were in single digits."
  • MSM Can't Ignore Us Now  Trump has parlayed his newfound birtherism into a regular segment on Fox News. As Edroso notes, Birther Report declares this means the cable network "is in complete damage control mode... CAN YOU SHOW ME THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE!?... they can't ignore the power of Trump. Don't let up, Trump!"
  • Kill the Stigma, Right Wing Thinking says. "In the end, Trump will not run and will not be successful in getting Obama to release the long form of his birth certificate. However, Trump might very well succeed in diminishing the sting of the 'birther' label."
  • Dream Candidate, The Grouch writes at Right Truth. "Just imagine that it is January 20, 2013... Donald Trump has been elected president. After his inauguration, he goes to a variety of places, the State Department, the Department of Energy, the FCC, the Department of Education, the EPA, and many other gubment agencies. In no uncertain terms he says, 'YOU'RE FIRED!' Now wouldn't that be just too cool?"

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Naturally, those outside the birther community are less thrilled.

  • This Makes Me Uncomfortable, Glenn Beck--yes, Glenn Beck!--told Bill O'Reilly on Fox News. "[T]here's something reasonable to, you know, a reasonable conversation. If you don't believe that he has the birth certificate, you can say, 'I don't believe he has a birth certificate.' But then he goes into 'I do not believe he has a birth certificate.' Then he releases one that's worse than Obama's. And then he comes back, and he says on your program, 'He might be a Muslim, too.' I'm like, come on!"
  • GOP Wanted This to Go Away, Slate's Dave Weigel writes. "The problem for Republicans, who are still slow-walking their entry into the race, is that they've got a media lightning rod who's reintroducing an issue that they'd hoped would either 1) go away or 2) come up only in town halls where they could dispatch it."
  • But This Is What the Base Wants, counters Andrew Sullivan. "The base believes this. And maybe Trump does too. Sometimes the people who cover politics assume more tactical and cynical calculations than, in reality, exist. I have no issue in principle with a public demand for a birth certificate. But once Obama provided the proof, the game is over."

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