Trumpdate 2012: Says He Could 'Definitely' Beat Obama

Also wonders why "no one" has seen the president's baby photos

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Donald Trump just wants to know where President Obama's birth certificate is. It's really simple. He's a smart guy, he told the ladies on The View Wednesday, attempting to prove that not all birthers are idiots. The only reason The Donald is skeptical--just a teeny bit--is that "no one" remembers Obama from his childhood. And people certainly remember Donald Trump! Trump says he hasn't even seen baby Barack pictures. As a presidential candidate in the digital age, maybe Trump should learn how to Google. Here are the highlights of this latest episode in the Trump saga. For previous coverage, see here and here.

  • "I've seen people take a $100 bill and make a $1,000,000 bill," Trump said, responding to the question of whether the birth certificate could have been faked. "There's something on that birth certificate that [Obama] doesn't like," Trump speculated. A shocked Whoopi Goldberg called that assertion "the biggest pile of dog mess I’ve heard in ages."
  • Some other highlights from his appearance on The View: "I definitely think I could beat Obama," he said. But he would not, as Elisabeth Hasselbeck suggested, tell the president "You're fired!"--his signature line from The Apprentice. "I don't want to trivialize it," Trump said.
  • Despite reassuring Barbara Walters not to worry when the birth certificate debate got heated by saying "ratings are through the roof," Trump is working to hard to show that this campaign is more than a stunt. He's heading to Des Moines in June to headline the Iowa Republican Party's Lincoln Day Dinner. After that, he'll swing through New Hampshire. Trump says he'll finally decide if he's running for president that month--just after his reality show wraps up May 22.
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