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Ginni Thomas, the politically active and sometimes controversial wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has joined the staff of The Daily Caller, a conservative news site founded by Tucker Carlson.

Few Supreme Court wives have taken such a publicly partisan role as Thomas has in recent years. A year ago, she founded the conservative lobbying group Liberty Central Inc. to "make a difference in the fight for liberty against the liberal Washington agenda." Thomas has said she joined the Tea Party movement to oppose the "hard-left agenda" of President Obama. In October, she called Anita Hill--the woman whose sexual harassment claims against Clarence Thomas nearly derailed his nomination 20 years ago--at 7 a.m. on a Saturday asking for an apology. (Hill declined.) Last month, Thomas defended his wife, saying they "believe in the same things"--namely, "defending liberty."

The Daily Caller has been on a hiring spree, scooping up Newsweek's Mickey Kaus, National Journal's Neil Munro, and Politics Daily's Matt Lewis.

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