Rumsfeld Hits Back at 'One-Sided' Woodward

Bad review of memoir prompts Facebook response

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You didn't really think Donald Rumsfeld was going to take any guff from Bob Woodward, did you?

A day after the Washington Post reporter called Rumsfeld's new memoir "a brazen effort to shift the blame to others" and "a travesty" in his review of the book for Foreign Policy, the former Secretary of Defense--or at least his chief of staff, Keith Urbahn--has taken to Facebook to let people know that, hey, this Woodward guy is no prize pig.

Urbahn posted his lengthy defense of his boss to Rumsfeld's official Facebook page a little over three hours after Woodward's review of Known and Unknown went live at Foreign Policy. All the usual anti-Woodward talking points are here--Woodward, the post argues, provides a "one-sided narrative of events ... favors those who provide him with information and gossip and leak against their colleagues," possesses a "regrettable tendency to put his storyline ahead of the facts," and might have bugged former CIA Director Bill Casey for an interview on his death bed.

Rumsfeld isn't trying to "distort history" with his book, the post continues to say. He's reclaiming it from the "the Bob Woodward and Sy Hersh brand of 'journalism'" that leans on "self-serving accounts relying on anonymous or biased sources" rather than an honest presentation of the facts.

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