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It's only Tuesday, but it's already been a busy week for outrageously offensive comments. Sure, Japan's earthquake and tsunami prompted some very unfunny jokes that cost a few people their jobs. But by this afternoon good old fashioned American racism and xenophobia was back in force. Here are your entries for the most outrageous comment making the rounds of political blogs today. 

FIrst we have Virgil Peck. The Republican state representative from Kansas was at a House Appropriations Committee meeting focused on solving the state's wild hog problem. One proposed solution: shoot the feral swine from helicopters. This proposal planted an idea in Peck's mind, prompting him to suggest: "It looks like to me if shooting these immigrating feral hogs works maybe we have found a [solution] to our illegal immigration problem."

Next up is Jack Davis, who's running for shirtless Craigslist-trolling Chris Lee's seat in the House of Representatives. In an interview with the The Buffalo News, Davis "suggested that Latino farmworkers be deported--and that African-Americans from the inner city be bused to farm country to help pick the crops." Apparently he has been mulling this idea over since 2008.

And last, but certainly not least offensive, is 91-year-old New Hampshire State Representative Martin Harty. Harty resigned yesterday after backlash from telling "a voter during a phone call that he thought the best treatment for the mentally ill would be a one-way trip to Siberia," New Hampshire's Union Leader reports. "He also said population growth and mental illness could be controlled with eugenics, a form of genetic engineering commonly associated with Hitler's Germany."

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