A Brief History of John Kerry's Love Affair with Beer

The Senator introduced legislation to cut taxes for microbreweries

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Amid bitter partisan acrimony over the budget, Planned Parenthood, Muslim "radicalization," and public radio, a bipartisan pair of senators has introduced the least controversial bill: tax cuts for microbreweries. Sens. John Kerry and Mike Crapo introduced the Brewers Employment and Excise Relief Act on Wednesday Is this because Charles J. Koch, president of the Boston Beer Company, owner of Sam Adams, gave Kerry $4,800 in December? No! It's because John Kerry just loves beer.

The bill would cut the excise taxes on the first 60,000 barrels of beer produced from $7 a barrel to $3.50. When Kerry spoke to The Hill he barely mentioned the beverage, emphasizing jobs instead:"This bill will help unsure that these small businesses keep people on the payroll and create jobs even during tight economic times." That may be true, but we couldn't help but remember that during his 2004 presidential campaign, John Kerry having a frosty cold one was a regular campaign prop. Let's take a look back at Kerry's beer-tasting tour.

Here's Kerry pouring a Wisconsin local brew in August of 2004. The pint glass reads "Nothing Else Like It." Indeed.

Hunting for union votes at a tavern to Ohio in September 2004.

He took a break from preparing for a debate with George W. Bush at a Wisconsin pub later that month.

Back in Ohio, just chilling with some friends, drinking some Buds and watching the Red Sox in October 2004.

Three days before the election, throwing one more back at a bar in Iowa.

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