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The House has voted to defund National Public Radio by a largely party-line vote of 228 to 190. The Thursday vote comes in the wake of conservative activist James O'Keefe's secretly-taped sting operation that caught an NPR executive making disparaging remarks about the Tea Party. The legislation, however, is unlikely to make it through the Democrat-controlled--and thus more public radio-sympathetic--Senate.

Seven Republicans broke with their party to vote nay, Fox News reports. The bill also prohibits local public radio stations from paying for NPR content with federal dollars distributed through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. And that's where NPR gets most of its revenue.

Politico's Keach Hagey reports that Rep. Doug Lamborn said the bill would save $60 million a year. But Rep. Louise Slaughter countered, “This bill has no effect whatsoever on the deficit, and saves no money, not a dime ... This is purely ideological bill so our members can go home and brag about what they have done to public radio.”

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