House Ignores Bachmann's 'Mice or Men' Protest, Passes Budget Bill

54 Republican supporters of the Tea Party, however, in a GOP mini-revolt

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Despite a growing "mini-revolt" over the federal spending among conservative Republicans, the House passed a a three-week budget stopgap to keep the government running, Slate's Dave Weigel reports. Fifty-four Republicans voted against the continuing resolution Tuesday--52 more than voted against the last two-week measure, making Democratic votes necessary for passage. Congress now has until April 8 to agree on a budget for this fiscal year, now almost six months old.

Many conservative Republicans criticized the measure for not reducing government spending enough--just $6 billion was cut. Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann had told her colleagues, "This is our mice or men moment. Are we mice or are we men? ... If a member votes for the continuing resolution, that vote effectively says, I am choosing not to fight."

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