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We don't know much about speechmaking here at the Wire--we're simple news synthesizers who respond to simple things, like candidates for county treasurer who can't stop yelling and reading their resume.

One thing we have picked up on: nothing good ever comes from saying someone you don't like is doing the exact same thing as Hitler. (Promises to depict the Fuhrer "in context" also don't go over well.) Dictator analogies--like dictators--are just plain bad news.

Which didn't stop Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown from taking to the Senate floor today to condemn GOP criticism of the protests in Madison. Because that's totally something a horrible despot--and only a horrible despot--would ever thing to do

"As a nation, I look back in history and some of the worst governments we've ever had, you know one of the the first thing they did?" said the Ohio Democrat. "They went after the trade unions. Hitler didn't want unions, Stalin didn't want unions. [Former Egyptian President Hosni] Mubarak didn't want independent unions."

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