Harry Reid and Sarah Palin Bicker Over Cowboy Poetry

But who is she calling rodeo clowns?

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Harry Reid might have thought he was striking mainstream American gold when he argued against proposed Republican budget cuts by saying that funding for the National Endowment of the Humanities trickled down to things like "cowboy poetry festival" held in Nevada every January. Could it have been a subtle inference meant to show that government culture programs weren't only created for the wine-and-brie, Volvo-driving set, like NPR? It's not clear whether that comment resonated the way he may have thought it would: Jim DeMint didn't waste long before lambasting it on the Senate floor, even Sarah Palin came out today, lampooning the "Cowboy Poetry Party" in a bizarrely worded tweet this afternoon:

We're $14,000,000,000,000+ in debt, yet rodeo clowns still want to fund Cowboy Poetry Party.That must be 1 helluvahigh natl priority shindig.

We're not exactly sure who she's calling  "rodeo clowns." We would assume it's Harry Reid and his lot, but, lest we forget, there's also self-identified rodeo clown Glenn Beck. He hasn't weighed in on this yet, has he? "High natl priority shindig," by the way, just might have to be the title of our next house party.

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