John Boehner is now speaker of the House, and with that distinction come substantial demands of formality and etiquette. To assist in those departments, Roll Call's Paul Singer reports, Boehner's office will spend $5,800 to send one of its staffers to attend an etiquette course:

The class is run by an accredited private academy, the Protocol School of Washington. The five-day training to take place in May -- Boehner's office saved $500 on the tuition by registering ahead of time -- covers topics such as dining skills, titles and forms of address, gifts, and flags and logos, according to an agenda posted on the school's website. ...

Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said the expenditure for the school "was for staff training related to the ceremonial role of the Speaker. We're responsible for hosting an array of foreign dignitaries, and following the proper protocol is important."

Read the full story at Roll Call.

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