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Rep. Darrell Issa has fired Kurt Bardella, his spokesman, because Bardella shared emails from reporters to another reporter. Bardella had angered some of the reporters he was trying to court for his boss by making impolitic comments about the way they do their jobs in The New Yorker earlier this year. Issa said he had no evidence that his spokesman had shared any government documents with the journalist Bardella was leaking to, Mark Leibovich, who is writing a book about Washington's "culture of self-love."

In a statement, Issa said, "though limited, [Bardella's] actions were highly inappropriate, a basic breach of trust with the reporters it was his job to assist, and inconsistent with established communications office policies. As a consequence, his employment has been terminated."

Leibovich, who writes for The New York Times, told his colleague Michael D. Shear that Bardella might end up featured in his book. "It's no secret that I've spent a fair amount of time with Kurt over the last few months," Leibovich said. "Kurt's been very open. I have no idea what role he will play in the final product. He's part of an ensemble of characters."

But surely now Bardella's story will make for even more interesting material.

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