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Earlier today we noted how it seemed like Republicans --particularly those with their eyes on 2012--were running a contest to find the harshest way to describe President Obama's health care overhaul on it's one-year anniversary. This afternoon, Rep. Darrell Issa made it a reality, launching a Twitter contest: "CAPTION CONTEST: what've you learned about #ObamaCare? @ msg me your captions...I'll Tweet winners," Issa wrote.

He hasn't picked a winner, but the fan favorite is easily Rep. Steve King of Iowa who tweeted, "@DarrellIssa ObamaCare is a malignant tumor sucking the lifeblood out of American Liberty and metastasizing 24/7."

A few civilian tweeters responded a little less forcefully. "Obamacare: When a policy initiative is flailing, insist the USA's entire health care system needs revamped 'cuz it's ailing," @CnsrvatvVictory wrote. "My premiums would double and my deductible would increase by so much that I can't afford to get sick this year," @mrsimplesense added. But not everyone was thrilled with the idea. "U should ask people with malignant tumors about protection from cov. denial, b4 making such stmts," @LeahAnakin responded.

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