Video: Congrats GOP, You've Gotten Rid of Click & Clack

Rep. Anthony Weiner is dumbfounded that the GOP would "target" NPR

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News arrived this afternoon that the House of Representatives had voted to strip funding from NPR. On the heels of that report, we're now treated to a sample of what Representative Anthony Weiner thought of the motion. Though the news organization had plenty of defenders following James O'Keefe's sting videos, and several questioned the urgency with which the GOP persued defunding, Weiner's is one of the most vehement, sarcastic and incredulous responses.

For two minutes, possibly more, Rep. Weiner opines about NPR's loss of federal funds with statements like this (via Talking Points Memo):

"The American people are not concerned about the economy around the world," he said sarcastically. "They're staring at their radio station saying, get rid of Click And Clack. Finally my Republican friends are getting rid of them. Kudos to you."

Watch below:

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