Why Is Rep. David Wu Apologizing for His Tiger Costume?

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Good Morning America viewers expecting a Rep. Christopher Lee-esque tale of misdirected shirtless shenanigans were likely disappointed by George Stephanopoulos's interview with Oregon Congressman David Wu yesterday. The interview started out promisingly enough for gossip hounds. Stephanopoulos used the words "intervention," "psychiatric hospital" and "treatment" within the first 90 seconds. Wu, however, was not inclined to engage in specifics about his curious behavior on the campaign last fall. He only really perked up when Stephanopoulos asked about this photo Wu emailed to staff members depicting the seven-term Democrat in a tiger suit:

(via Seattle Weekly)

On this subject, it was clear the congressman had learned his lesson.

"I think a take home lesson from this is that while [the photos] were very, very unprofessional you shouldn't ever send photographs of yourself in a Halloween costume, something you intend to wear to a private party a couple nights later," Wu admitted. "It's just not professional even when you're joshing around with your kids a couple nights before Halloween. I did send those photographs, it was unprofessional and inappropriate."

True enough. But as Time Swampland blogger Amy Sullivan notes, Wu did far more regrettable (and curious) things on the campaign trail last fall. Like taking Oxycodone from a campaign donor. And sneaking past TSA at Portland International Airport. And delivering a campaign speech "so negative and loud that a Washington County Democratic Party member complained formally to his office."

So while it's encouraging to hear Wu say he has sought medical treatment and is in a "good place" now, we're not sure why he feels his tiger costume can't join him there.

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