Walker Denounces Outside Protesters, Tells State Senators to Do Their Jobs

As protests continue to rage in Wisconsin, and as 14 Democratic state senators have remained outside the state, Gov. Scott Walker spoke to the people of Wisconsin in an FDR-style "fireside chat" Tuesday evening.

His messages to the people: 1) The budget he supports, which includes a roll-back of collective bargaining rights for state employees, is a necessary measure for the state's fiscal health; 2) outside protesters shouldn't take over Wisconsin politics; and 3) the Democratic senators should come back to work.

"What we need now more than ever is a commitment to the future," Walker said. "As more and more protesters come in from Nevada, Chicago, and elsewhere, I'm not going to allow their voices to overwhelm the voices of the millions of taxpayers from across this state. ...

"Our democratic institutions call for us to participate. That's why I'm asking the missing senators to come back to work. Do the job you were elected to do," Walker said.

In a televised response, Democratic state Sen. Mark Miller--one of the 14 refusing to return for legislative business--said that "the issue before us is about rights. Once you have rights, they should be protected."