Video: Boehner Says It's Not His Job to Tell Folks Obama's Not a Muslim

House Speaker says he can't tell Americans what to believe

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House Speaker John Boehner said it's not his job to correct misperceptions that President Obama is Muslim on NBC's Meet the Press. "It's not up to me to tell the American people what to think." Still, Boehner said,  Obama says he's a Christian, so "I take him at his word." And he believes the president is a citizen, too.

Boehner disagreed with host David Gregory's assertion that Republicans were exploiting confusion over Obama's religion for politican gain. "What I'm trying to do is do my job," Boehner said, which is to focus on spending, not educating people on Obama's biography.

Meanwhile, legislators in at least 10 states have introduced legislation that would require presidential candidates to prove they're a natural-born citizen before they could get on the ballot, Politico's Andy Barr reports.

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