This May Be Sarah Palin's Secret Facebook Page

She uses it to "like" stuff on her other, not secret Facebook page!

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The leaked tell-all written by Sarah Palin's former aide Frank Bailey is not quite ready for primetime. Example? It includes excerpts of emails, one of which displays Palin's unredacted Gmail address. So Wonkette's Jack Stuef searched for the email address on Facebook, and behold: a page for "Lou Sarah," which seems to be mostly used to urge daughter Bristol to "dance with PASSION" on Dancing With the Stars and, in one instance, says "amen" to the official Sarah Palin account's activity.

Here's a screenshot of the page:

Evidence this is really Palin's page: 

  • Palin's middle name is Louise, which could explain the use of "Lou" as a first name.
  • Lou Sarah is friends with some of Palin's political appointees.
  • Lou Sarah is a fan of Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Bristol's DWTS partner Mark Ballas, and Edge Fitness, a gym in Wasilla.
  • Lou Sarah had, as Stuef notes, "inside knowledge" of Edge Fitness' cameo in a not-yet-aired episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska.


  • Lou Sarah has like zero privacy settings.

Counter-counter evidence:

  • Maybe "Palin is not reading the liberal newspapers and other publications that provide news about Facebook privacy settings," Stuef writes. "Still, Sarah Palin 'liking' a Fox video about the things she likes? Very meta, 'Lou.'"
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