The Wisconsin Ad War

With the collective-bargaining fight still roiling Wisconsin, here's a roundup of political ads running in the state:

Americans for Prosperity, the Koch-affiliated conservative action group, is spending $342,200 to air this ad supporting Walker:

And AFP is spending $39,000 to air these three radio ads attacking Democratic state senators who fled the state.

Our Country Deserves Better, the parent group to Tea Party Express, is raising money to air this ad supporting Walker:

The AFL-CIO is airing this ad based on the last week's fake-Koch prank call, in which a blogger impersonated David Koch and Walker actually picked up:

The AFL-CIO is also airing this ad in which a fireman speaks positively about public employees:

A group called "Citizen Action of Wisconsin" is airing this radio ad based on the fake-Koch call: State Battles Wisconsin_CALL_R101x89 Call.mp3

The Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), the state affiliate of the National Education Association, is airing these radio ads in Republican state-Senate districts.

The Republican Governors Association is preparing to air this ad supporting Walker and attacking state-Senate Democrats:

Daily Kos, meanwhile, is spending $2,000 to run Facebook ads in the state