The Secret Hollywood History of Christopher Dodd

The former Connecticut Senator's glitzy past is coming out now that he is expected to be named Hollywood's top lobbyist as head of the Motion Picture Association of America

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It's been long rumored, but Chris Dodd is close to being named the chairman of the Motion Picture Association of America. While the MPAA hasn't yet confirmed, the New York Times reported that "barring a last-minute snag, a contract announcement could come early this week." Dodd decided not to run for reelection for his Connecticut Senate seat last year after his ties to the insurance industry became a political liability during the outrage over AIG bonuses. As he prepares for a new job, he's being more charitably assessed: among his legislative strengths named by the Times are his ability for "working both sides of the political aisle." But even further down in the story are some other noteworthy items:

  • He Once Dated Princess Leia Unless you've read Carrie Fisher's memoir, Wishful Drinking, this is a surprising little tidbit. Asked to comment on the relationship in 2007, Dodd reportedly responded, "it was a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away." (via IMDB).
  • Paul Simon Campaigned For Him In 2008 Remember Chris Dodd's presidential bid? Of course you don't. That's when everyone was introduced to Obama for the first time. But if you had been paying attention, you'd observe that Dodd had a conspicuous amount of Hollywood heavy-hitters in his camp. Dodd "did draw a substantial list of studio chiefs as contributors," notes Variety. And "Paul Simon even campaigned for him in Iowa." 
  • He Was In a Movie  It was a long time ago, but "he played himself in the 1993 political satire Dave," noted the Los Angeles Times.
  • He's Pals With SNL Creator Lorne Michaels  You would think that being a longtime pal of the late-night king would be worth more than one measly SNL cameo

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