The Early Reviews of Jay Carney's First Day

So how did new White House press secretary do at his first official briefing today? The reporters on the other side of the podium had lots of opinions

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The new White House press Secretary Jay Carney took to the podium for his first grilling by the White House press corps Wednesday. Among the key topics that were covered during his 53-minute press conference: The deficit, the budget, Egypt and Iran. Here are the early reviews of the former journalist and DC insider's first briefing performance:

He's just like Gibbs 
NBC reporter Chuck Todd says Gibbs and Carney are one and the same, tweeting "Jay Carney already following in Gibbs' footsteps, briefing will not start on time." Todd was right in more ways than he may have realized: according to The Hill's Michael O'Brien, the official @PressSec Twitter feed still lists Robert Gibbs as the White House's spokesman.  And as of Wednesday afternoon, the "Briefing Room" section of the White House's site still promotes a section called "Press Secretary Robert Gibbs Answers Your Questions." The New York Time's Jackie Calmes also did not see much of a change: "by the end of the hour, like Mr. Gibbs generally, Mr. Carney had provided a lot of quotes but no news."

A good first day ABC News' Jake Tapper tweeted that Carney had solid, if unremarkable start, writing "1st Carney briefing almost over, close to no news made, no gaffes. POTUS will be pleased." Ari Fleischer, press secretary for President George W Bush was ambivalent about Carney's leaving the press conference unscathed, writing "Congrats to Jay Carney for finishing his first briefing. I wish him well . .. . sort of."

Pastel ties are out  Although sounding like a veteran press secretary when directing reporters to talk to the State Department for answers about the the US's attitude regarding rumors that Iran was sending warships to the Suez Canal,  The Wall Street Journal notes a change from the Robert Gibbs era: Carney is not a man who likes pastel ties.

Not everyone was paying attention Although taking over for Robert Gibbs was a big moment for Jay Carney, MediaBistro notes that although cable gave the new secretary some time, the shooting of three immigration agents in Mexico, bumped his coverage.

A star is born After being asked who he'd like to see play him on Saturday Night Live, Carney said, "God forbid that anyone does." Watching the proceedings from afar, GQ's Washington correspondent Ana Marie Cox helpfully suggested on Twitter, "Bill Hader in a slightly trimmed Guy Fieri wig."

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