Ronald Reagan in the Pages of The Atlantic

In honor of Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday, find below a list of Atlantic stories on Reagan through the years, from a look at Reagan as a first-time presidential candidate to an in-depth look back at the day he was shot

Looking at Reagan (October 1980), by James Conaway. "Why can't an actor be as good a President as a peanut warehouseman, a hustling attorney, a schoolteacher? It all depends upon the quality of his fantasies between takes."The Education of David Stockman (December 1981), by William Greider. In 1980, David Stockman was selected to be the budget director for the incoming Reagan Administration. Soon afterwards, William Greider approached Stockman and asked if he could write about his experiences in the budget office. Stockman agreed. When the article appeared in The Atlantic, it created a firestorm of controversy. Stockman, who had spoken too freely of his reservations about the Administration's policies, was, in his words, "taken to the woodshed" by the president.

The New Shape of American Politics (January 1987), by William Schneider. An analysis of the forces at work in both parties which have dramatically altered the political landscape over the past twenty years--how they brought Ronald Reagan to power and how they will influence our political future.

The Day Reagan Was Shot (April 2001), by Richard V. Allen. The author reveals previously undisclosed transcripts of the deliberations in the White House Situation Room