Ron Paul Takes on Obama and Donald Trump

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With a skip in his step after his straw poll victory at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Ron Paul appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Monday. Cantankerous as ever, the Texas congressman took a couple broad swipes at billionaire Donald Trump and President Obama.

His first barb was in reaction to Trump's remarks this weekend that Paul was unelectable.

"I was elected 11 times and somebody said, 'Well, how many times has Donald Trump been elected?'" Paul said.  "Does he have really the right to criticize others and say they are unelect[able]?"

Pressing him on the issue, Time's Mark Halperin asked Paul if he really thought he could win a general election against Obama. In response, Paul noted that his appeal transcended red states given his opposition to military spending and the war in Afghanistan. He proceeded to call Obama a "war monger" who "loves the Patriot Act."

"Right now You need a Republican that will challenge Obama on the war issue and on civil liberties," he said. "Here's an administration that has endorsed assassinations and he still endorses secret pirsons."

Disparaging his own party, Paul said Republicans had endorsed a policy of waging war "endlessly" ever since 9/11 and what's needed is a Republican to "challenge Democrats on the war." On that point, Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish seems to agree: "I know Ron and Rand Paul are out there on many issues. But they are critical dissenting voices in a movement that needs more dissent on foreign policy."

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