'Rent Is Too Damn High' Candidate Joins GOP

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Jimmy McMillan has touted a new motto recently: "the deficit is too damn high." Naturally, its because he's switched his party affiliation. In an interview with PBS, the man who singlehandedly upended the New York governor's debate last year with his incessant recitation "the rent is too damn high" has now decided to join the GOP. And it appears that even Jimmy McMillan is surprised by Jimmy McMillan's decision.

"I’m registered Republican now," McMillan stated to PBS (via Politico). "I was a Democrat, but I changed my line so that I can get the issues to the front that Obama's not addressing." Also, he's running for president.

We can already imagine Mitt Romney's frozen grin when McMillan utters his "deficit is too damn high" line during a GOP primary debate.

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