Rahm Emanuel Puts a Bounty on His Twitter Imposter

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In a crowded field of recent fake twitter feeds, the expletive-filled alter ego of Rahm Emanuel continually amuses. The anonymous account, created after the former White House chief-of-staff announced his bid to become Chicago mayor, now boasts over 26,000 followers. But even though the real Emanuel may be amused by his twitter imposter, the naming of the feed could prove confusing should he actually become Mayor Emanuel this November.

So Rahm, naturally, has offered a $2,500-$5,000 bounty for the identity of the person behind the Twitter account. “After the election, I am offering a donation to the charity of that gentleman or woman's choice if they would come forward and identify themselves,” he stated on the Chicago radio show Roe and Roeper. @MayorEmanuel’s response?

“I have a distinct fucking feeling this is going to be a long motherfucking day”

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