Page-Turning Ex-Rep. Mark Foley Is Back!

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Mark Foley, remember him? He had to resign after typing some pretty unintentionally funny--and likely intentionally inappropriate--instant messages to congressional pages while he was serving as a Republican representative from Florida. Then he resigned--just a few weeks before his party was slaughtered in the 2006 elections. But now Foley is back in the mix, the Palm Beach Post's George Bennett reports. Where? You guessed it: a meeting for Young Republicans.

The Palm Beach GOPsters faced critics for their decision to have Foley speak, but their president said Foley was well-received. "He was amazing. Charismatic. He has a great message and touched on so many different things and seamlessly did it ... He's enthralling to listen to."

And this isn't the first time since the scandal that Foley's dipped his toe back in the political waters. He started a talk radio show last year. He helped raise money for a failed senate candidate. And he spoke at the grand opening of Rep. Allen West's district office in West Palm Beach. Though the chair of Palm Beach County Republicans wishes Foley well, he hopes the guy doesn't run for office again: "Google never forgets."

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