Of Course: Sarah Palin Trademarks 'Sarah Palin'

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In what surely means Sarah Palin-branded perfume is on the way, the reality TV star has decided to "protect her brand" by trademarking the names "Sarah Palin®" and "Bristol Palin®." Politics Daily correspondent Suzi Parker reports that Alaskan ex-governor's attorney registered the "Sarah Palin" trademark on November 5th, and that the Bristol name was filed on Sept 15th of last year.

Sure, legislators publish plenty of quick-turnaround memoirs, but is it normal for a brand-name politician to do this? Nope. "Politicians seldom trademark their name but they might do so to prevent others from using it, for example, to sell shoddy, unapproved merchandise or 'official' candidate memorabilia," Parker writes. "A search for other political figures such as President Barack Obama and potential 2012 GOP presidential candidates Mike Huckabee, Tim Pawlenty and Mitt Romney do not show any pending trademark applications. It is a rarity, say trademark attorneys, for political figures to file such forms."

Cue the discussion on "what it means" for Sarah's perpetual presidential prospects.

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