Obama's Teleprompter Safe for Now from GOP Spending Cuts

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Two GOP talking points taste better together: Conservatives don't like it much when President Obama talks from a telepromter. They also don't like wasteful government spending. That was the thinking behind Rep. Steve Womack's proposal to defund the president's teleprompters. According to Fox News, Womack's amendment would prevent spending any more money to purchase or maintain the devices, forcing the American President to scribble down notes on his hand like a common ex-governor of Alaska. Of course, once Womack learned the White House spends just $3,000 a year to cart the Presidential teleprompter around, he dropped his proposal. "I think we made our point," Womack told Fox News. "We're asking people to do more with less. And I think the president ought to lead by example. He is already a very gifted speaker. And I think that's one platform he could do without."

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