Fred Karger Hits New Hampshire

One of the more endearing 2012 candidates for president, openly gay Republican strategist Fred Karger (see a previous post here) gets profile treatment from The Washington Post today. Fred, who's been raising money toward a $5 million goal--in the hopes of getting on stage at national debates in Iowa and New Hampshire and confronting the other White House aspirants on gay rights--has been hitting New Hampshire hard. In other words, he's serious. The Post details his involvement in the Granite State:

He has visited New Hampshire more than any other presidential prospector in this young election cycle. This skiddy late-night ride from a gathering in Keene to his Concord hotel is part of his 11th trip to the state in the past year. He's slingshotting around, hosting tiny town halls, collecting volunteers one by one and arranging coffee dates with policy experts, academics and state politicians.

This is not a stunt, Fred insists. ...

In 48 hours he's hit two college campuses, a Mexican restaurant in Keene, a radio station in Manchester and Portsmouth's Golden Egg diner, where candidates of yore have poured coffee to demonstrate their folksiness. Under a leaden sky frozen by single-digit temperatures, Fred zips around in a slush-spattered Lincoln Navigator, passing homes crowned with icicles, trailing a red rolling duffle bag full of frisbees and T-shirts. ...

By the spring he plans to rent a five-bedroom house in the north end of Manchester to establish a headquarters for campaign precinct walks.

Read the full profile at The Washington Post.