Did We Just Watch a Preview of the Trump Stump Speech?

His YouTube musings are very...on-message

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Donald Trump likes to play the part of presidential contender. And, by many accounts, he did so convincingly just a few weeks ago at the Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C. But even Trump had to be surprised that he's now pulled into a virtual tie with President Obama in a new Newsweek/Daily Beast poll. Right? Nope, it looks like the business mogul saw it coming...because it also looks like he's trying out a potential stump speech on his YouTube channel.

Here's his latest musings, beginning with explaining what it's like to be tied, effortlessly, with the president in the polls (0:14 in video):

...I'm not that surprised because my message says that were tired as a country: we're tired of being ripped off by China, we're tired of being ripped off by OPEC, we're tired off being ripped off by almost everybody that does business with us. We're tired of giving state dinners [Or maybe "steak dinners"? The audio's tough to hear.] for countries and heads of countries where they do nothing but take advantage of us. So the poll came out and we're in a virtual tie and I haven't campaigned, so I'm not really though, despite that, that surprised because it's a message of common sense....

Feeling "ripped off" America? Donald Trump will make his official decision on running in June.

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