World's First Nazi-Jihadist Bites FBI Agents

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In a story that has produced one of the more bizarre news headlines in recent memory ("Nazi Buff Turned Jihadi Allegedly Bites FBI Agents"), ABC News' Hanna Siegel reports that a man in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, bit two FBI agents who were trying to arrest him, drawing blood. And it gets weirder. Twenty-one year-old Emerson Begolly is also, apparently, both a neo-Nazi and a self-appointed jihadist. It's not clear which of those hobbies got the FBI's attention as they aren't revealing the criminal complaint. But here's Siegel's reporting on what may well be the world's first Nazi-jihadist.

Begolly has posted jihadist songs and poetry online under the alias Asadullah Alshishani, including an original song on YouTube that pays tribute to Osama Bin Laden. "Amir of the Ansar" includes the lyrics "You fight AmeriKKKa/And terrorize the Jews/You slay the murtadeen/And blow up the Hindus." According to the web site The Jawa Report, Begolly's alter ego also posted a song that lauded the late Hamas founder Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and boasted "When the Jew's blood reds my knife/Then my life is free from strife."

On his MySpace account, Begolly posted pictures of himself when younger dressed in a Nazi uniform. A more recent picture shows him with a beard and a knit skullcap. ... The FBI claimed that Begolly's father had introduced him to Nazi beliefs and dressed him as a Nazi, and that Begolly's mother had tried to have Begolly admitted for psychiatric care.

Begolly also attended a pro-Palestinian rally at Pennsylvania State University in 2009 where, according to the campus newspaper, he told people he was Chechen. He is set to be released on bail, so take that under advisement if you're planning on visiting New Bethlehem this weekend.

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