Video: Michael Steele's Signoff

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Although reporters tweeted that they were bracing for Michael Steele's ouster at the RNC--some even greeting the final vote with hallelujahs--his two years at the helm of the Grand Old Party provided much fodder for pundits. Should his replacement, Maria Cino, fail to provide moments too-good-not-to-share, he will be sorely missed. Below, are some highlights from what Steele called "a good two years:"

1. Quoting from A Tale of Two Cities after declaring War and Peace his favorite book

2. His puzzling invitations for foreign diplomats to visit him before the November 2010 elections

3. Stating that if people are unemployed, minimum wage is irrelevant

4. His allegation that white Republicans feared him

But even good times come to an end. Herewith, his farewell:

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