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White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs confirmed today that Bill Daley is the president's choice for the next chief of staff. As The Wire reported earlier, the appointment of Daley, former commerce secretary under Bill Clinton, midwest chairman of JP Morgan Chase, and brother and son of long-time Chicago mayors, is considered controversial by many. The announcement of the The White House's new edition was on the minds of most top tweeters today, who made their 140-word opinions known.

Ken Bazinet addresses concerns that Daley's politics might influence Obama.

Some lefties are concerned that CoS Bill Daley will pull Pres Obama further to the right because of his cozy relations w/big business.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

John Walker questions Obama's choice.

Americans Blame Wall Street Bankers, Obama Picks Banker as Top Advisor from @firedoglakeless than a minute ago via web

But @delrayser knows exactly what role Daley will play.

Daley's Wall St bkgd fills perceived hole in WH expertise; finally, someone can be the Banker on West Wing Monopoly Night.less than a minute ago via web

Chuck Todd praised Daley for keeping it together during the announcement.

This presidential announcement already not Daley's worst TV moment. He has not fainted.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

But Ed Henry noticed that outgoing interim CoS Pete Rouse wasn't quite as contained.

Pete Rouse got v emotional as colleagues gave him standing ovation -- Boehner-esque!less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Daniel Foster mocked the new chief of staff's Chicago accent.

Daley: "Mister President, you haeve annered me and my faemily. Saaasige. Da Bears. Ditka."less than a minute ago via web

Teagan Goddard quoted Rahm Emanuel's take on Daley's new office.

Rahm, on the chief of staff office: "It has a great fireplace, and a great deck, but everything in between sucks." than a minute ago via bitly

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