The Koch Brothers Strike Back

The giant corporation files suit over a hoax

There's been a lot of speculation over the last fews days that the Koch brothers--the secretive billionaires who are big funders of conservative causes--were behind the failed attempt to smear New Yorker writer Jane Mayer, who wrote an unflattering and much-talked-about profile of the brothers last summer. As it turned out, Mayer did nothing wrong, and so far nothing has linked the Koch family to this episode. But that doesn't mean that Koch Industries isn't displeased about its sudden and unwanted political prominence. And it clearly is going after other critics, including the anonymous hoaxsters who created a dummy website for Koch Industries ( and sent out fake press releases claiming that the notoriously anti-environment company was going green. That didn't go over so well at Koch headquarters. Yesterday, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune, Koch Industries sued the web-hosting company in order to obtain the names behind the bogus site.