Sharron Angle Mulls Presidential Run

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Would-be Nevada Senator Sharron Angle has descended on Iowa. Ostensibly she's there to attend the premiere of a religious-themed thriller, but the media has a sneaking suspicion that she has an ulterior motive for visiting the 2012 bellwether state. "I'll just say I have lots of options for the future, and I’m investigating all my options," Angle told the Des Moines Register. Suspicion confirmed. "Please, just invite me back," she entreated Iowans. Needless to say, the presidential non-denial from the candidate that brought you the "take Harry Reid out" platform and the denunciation of football jerseys was greeted with more than a few pre-emptive "Boos":

  • Hot Air - "Serious question: In a primary field that includes Palin and, quite possibly, Michele Bachmann, what percentage could she reasonably expect? One? Maybe?"
  • The Hill - "If you were to put her in a tier, she probably belongs in the Joe Arpaio category, which is made up of just Joe Arpaio and, now, Sharron Angle."
  • Daily Intel - "This time-honored tradition of pre-campaign-season coyness, which is being actively utilized by probably a dozen Republicans right now, doesn't work for people whose prospective candidacies would be so laughable, so futile, and so ill-conceived that the entire premise of them running is a non-starter."
  • Wonkette - "Sharron Angle—someone so crazy that she couldn’t even beat Harry Reid, in Nevada, in 2010—thinks it’s an 'option' that she could run for president? Can we please skip straight ahead to 2013?"

One possible interpretation of Nevada Republicans' state of mind:

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