Ohioans Love It When Boehner Cries

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Connoisseurs of long-form John Boehner profiles are already well aware that the new Speaker of the House enjoys a good cry. But how will Boehner's public sobbing play in the notoriously tear-adverse real America? Surprisingly well, according to a new Quinnipiac poll of Ohio voters.

National Journal's Ben Terris parses the numbers:

Voters in his home state view Boehner’s tendency to cry in public as a sign of strength, not weakness, by 36 percent to 27 percent...Even more respondents (37 percent) remain undecided about whether the waterworks make him a tough guy or a crybaby....By 44 percent to 20 percent, women find the tears to be a sign of strength (only 27 percent of men see it as a sign of strength, compared to 34 percent who see it as weakness). The 9-point margin of approval for Boehner’s crying resembles his overall popularity in the state.

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