Obama Steals 'Win the Future' From Newt Gingrich

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Where did President Obama get that peppy slogan "Winning the Future" for his State of the Union address? Why, none other than master sloganeer New Gingrich, Gawker's John Cook reports.

Obama liked the phrase so much he used 11 times Tuesday night. But Gingrich got there first: In 2005, he published a book titled Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract With America. That tome, Cook explains, "was about Ronald Reagan and how 'without God, America ceases to be America, which is why leftists are so keen on banishing your Creator' and other scams. ... When Barack Obama wants to write an hollow, sloganeering, speech that won't get him in trouble and will be digestible by idiots, he turns to the best."

Surely a line cribbed from America, Fuck Yeah! is not far off.

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